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Quality Matters

Quality and Delivery times are outstanding!

- Smith & Nephew

ISO 9001 registered utilizing a lean manufacturing environment


Open for Business! As a supplier for “Essential Businesses” we have implemented precautions to keep our employees safe so we can continue to do our part in these hard times.


Oklahoma Quality Machine Fabrication

Machine Capabilities

  • We are a state of the art precision machine shop
  • Diverse range of customer industries making components for the Medical, Semiconductor, and Energy industries and more.
  • We can and do machine all types of materials from any grade of aluminum, brass, copper, stainless steel, super alloys, beryllium copper and titanium. We also specialize in non-metal materials such as peek, natural poly, PVDF, halar and Teflon.
  • We utilize CNC’s from simple lathes to 5 axis mills as well as Sinker and Wire EDM’s. We hold tolerances from ± 0.005” to ±0.0001” every day.
  • Our saw department uses 4 Amada CNC saws for precise and clean cutting.